AnthropologyANTH 196N The Body, Narrative, and Creative Practice

Seminar proposing that arts, such as dance, weaving, and creative writing, and the cultivation of more traditional scholarly works can and should be pursued together. The pursuit of such research-creation is a social justice practice that values many ways of knowing and can lead to emotionally compelling and politically effective communication. Students are introduced to concepts and debates from crip theory, feminist, queer, and critical race studies, performance studies, and narrative theory. They also participate in workshops using body-centered writing, moment work, visual arts, and embodied listening to produce creation-scholarship in a medium of their choice. Taught in conjunction with ANTH 296N; students cannot receive credit for this course and ANTH 296N. Prerequisite(s): Satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing and Composition requirements; and ANTH 1, ANTH 2, and ANTH 3. Enrollment is restricted to senior anthropology majors and by permission of instructor.