Undergraduate Program

The film and digital media major at UC Santa Cruz offers an integrated curriculum involving theory, criticism, and cultural analysis, as well as a production program in the aesthetics and techniques of film and digital media. This bachelor of arts degree program provides students with the critical skills, theoretical concepts, and historical knowledge necessary to conduct informed analysis of cinema, television, video art, and new media, along with the up-to-date technical knowledge, practical skills, and artistic contexts needed for the production of film, video, and digital media. The major provides a course of study that develops an understanding of moving image and digital media as essential tools of communication and artistic practice.

The UCSC program is interdisciplinary, combining theory and practice in film, video, and digital media with study in other areas of the arts, humanities, and social sciences that help students understand the role these media play in society. Students who are not majors in film and digital media, but interested in our courses, are welcome to enroll in an 80 series course.

As the technologies of film and video have merged with digital computer-based moving images and interactive media, and as digital media continues to expand into everyday experience, students in the major are uniquely positioned to excel in these fields. Graduates of the UCSC film and digital media program have enjoyed considerable success both in the professional world and in gaining admission into top graduate schools in the field.