Contiguous Bachelor’s/Master’s Pathway

4+1 Contiguous Pathway leading to the SciCAM M.S. degree program

The 4+1 pathway into the SciCAM M.S. program is an option that allows undergraduates at UC Santa Cruz to (1) take the SciCAM foundational courses during their undergraduate degree in preparation to join the 1-year track of the SciCAM program, and (2) apply to SciCAM through a streamlined application process. Undergraduate students currently enrolled in approved programs (currently, the B.A. in mathematics, or the B.S. in computer science, the B.S. in robotics engineering, the B.S. in physics, the B.S. in applied physics and the B.S. in physics [astrophysics]) have the opportunity, any time between the start of their junior year and the end of the fall quarter of their senior year, to join the 4+1 contiguous pathway leading to the SciCAM degree program. Qualified undergraduates from other undergraduate majors may also apply to the pathway and their applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

The requirements for admission into the 4+1 pathway are (1) a GPA in the major of 3.5 or more, and (2) to have taken, or to have a plan to take, at least two of the three SciCAM foundational courses before the end of their senior year. Note that some of the foundational courses are waived depending on the student’s major. Interested students should set up a meeting with the SciCAM adviser to discuss their curriculum plan and fill the application forms. The ultimate deadline for application to the pathway is the end of the fall quarter of the senior year, although students are encouraged to apply significantly earlier, ideally at the same time as their major declaration.

Students in the pathway who apply to SciCAM through the streamlined application process are not guaranteed admission, although we do expect to admit anyone who has passed all the foundational courses and has maintained a GPA in the major of 3.5 or more. Once accepted into the SciCAM program, students from the pathway will follow the same requirements as any other students in the one-year track with anticipated graduation in June of their 5th year for Plan II (comprehensive exam track) students, and the end of the summer of their fifth year for Plan I (thesis track) students.

Relationship of SciCAM Masters program and AM Doctoral Program

Students in the SciCAM M.S. program interested in an academic career will be strongly encouraged to apply to the AM Ph.D. program. Applications are reviewed in the standard academic cycle, so that students interested in applying to the AM Ph.D. program are encouraged to discuss this option with the graduate director in the fall of each year.

Transfer Credit

Up to three UCSC courses fulfilling the degree requirements of the SciCAM degree may be taken before beginning the graduate program. However, students will still need to take courses totaling 35 credits as graduate students to satisfy university requirements. Note that this limit does not apply to the foundational requirements, which may all be taken prior to the start of the SciCAM program without penalty.

Up to one course from other institutions may be applied to the M.S. degree course requirements. Petitions should be submitted along with the transcript from the other institution or UCSC Extension. For courses taken at other institutions, copies of the syllabi, exams, and other course work should accompany the petition. Such petitions are not considered until the completion of at least one quarter at UCSC.

Review of Progress

Each year, the faculty reviews the progress of every student in all programs and tracks. Students not making adequate progress toward completion of degree requirements are subject to dismissal from the program (see the Graduate Handbook for the policy on satisfactory academic progress).