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Education Minor (General)

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Minor

Education M.A. and California Teacher Credential Program

Education Ph.D.

Education Designated Emphasis

Other Programs of Interest

Science Education B.S.

The purpose of the Education Department’s instructional programs is to prepare all students—both undergraduates and graduates—to engage in the analysis and integration of educational theory, research, and practice for an increasingly diverse society. Our commitment is built around four interrelated domains: 1) schools, families, and communities; 2) teacher education and teacher development; 3) language, literacy, and learning; and 4) mathematics and science education. Foundational to our programs is an acknowledgment of the social, cultural, and political contexts in which all aspects of education occur.

The Education Department offers a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) program for students who have exemplary academic preparation as well as experience working in educational settings. We offer a master's level/teaching credential (MA/C) teacher-preparation program. And we have two vibrant undergraduate education minor tracks that serve more than 300 undergraduates each year.