Applied MathematicsAM15B Case-Study Calculus II

Case-study based, second-quarter introduction to single-variable calculus, with computing labs/discussion sections featuring symbolic numerical, and graphical computing tools. Case studies are drawn from biology, environmental science, health science, and psychology. Includes indefinite and definite integrals of functions of a single variable; the fundamental theorem of calculus; integration by parts and other techniques for evaluating integrals; infinite series; Taylor series, polynomial approximations. Students cannot receive credit for this course and course 11B or Economics 11B or Mathematics 11B or 19B. (Formerly AMS 15B.)


Prerequisite(s): AM 15A or AM 11A or ECON 11A or MATH 11A or MATH 19A.



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The Staff, Bruno Mendes, Pascale Garaud