Computer Science and EngineeringCSE14 Introduction to Programming (Accelerated)

Accelerated introduction to programming. Students write medium-sized programs. Topics include: functions; conditionals and loops; classes; event-driven programming and graphic user interfaces (GUIs); recursion; and arrays. Students who have no or very limited programming experience should consider courses 5J and 11 which cover the same material in two quarters. Students may not receive credit for both this course and course 11. Some prior programming experience in a language such as C, C++, Java, or C# strongly recommended. (Formerly CMPS 12A.)


Prerequisite(s): MATH 3, MATH 11A, MATH 19A, AM 3, AM 11A or ECON 11A, or a score of 400 or higher on the mathematics placement examination (MPE). Concurrent enrollment in CSE 14L is required.




The Staff, Delbert Bailey, Wesley Mackey, Darrell Long, Cormac Flanagan, Alex Pang, David Helmbold, Narges Norouzi