StatisticsSTAT7 Statistical Methods for the Biological, Environmental, and Health Sciences

Case-study-based introduction to statistical methods as practiced in the biological, environmental, and health sciences. Descriptive methods, experimental design, probability, interval estimation, hypothesis testing, one- and two-sample problems, power and sample size calculations, simple correlation and simple linear regression, one-way analysis of variance, categorical data analysis. (Formerly AMS 7.)


Prerequisite(s): score of 300 or higher on the mathematics placement examination (MPE), or AM 3 or AM 6 or AM 11A or AM 15A or MATH 3 or MATH 11A or MATH 19A. Concurrent enrollment in STAT 7L is required.



General Education Code


Quarter offered

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer


The Staff, Herbert Lee, Raquel Prado, Bruno Mendes, David Draper, Abel Rodriguez, Ju Hee Lee, Rajarshi Guhaniyogi