Global Engagement

Global Engagement promotes international cooperation in teaching, research, and other fields of mutual interest with the development of formal partnership and affiliation between UC Santa Cruz and universities, foreign government agencies, and non-profit organizations abroad. Global Engagement oversees Study Abroad, International Scholar and Student Services (ISSS), Global Programming, and Global Initiatives.

For further information, contact Global Engagement, 103 Classroom Unit Building, (831) 459-2858, email:

Study Abroad or Away

Study abroad is an integral part of a UC Santa Cruz education. Through academic coursework, internships and experiential learning, UC Santa Cruz Study Abroad aims to:

  • Provide students the opportunity to graduate with an international or off campus experience.
  • Promote an internationalized campus that cultivates an understanding of our diverse global community.
  • Encourage students to study, explore and engage with other cultures — to broaden their perspective and involvement in the world.

UC Santa Cruz students have many options for study abroad or away. UC Santa Cruz programs include:

UC Santa Cruz students can also explore other UC and non-UC study abroad options, including:

UC Santa Cruz Study Abroad is available to assist UCSC students with program selection, application process, and academic planning. Students are encouraged to explore study abroad options and plan for study abroad early in their UCSC career. Visit the UCSC Study Abroad website to get started.

International Scholar and Student Services

The International Scholar and Student Services (ISSS) office provides immigration advising and advocacy as well as cultural and academic programming for UCSC's growing global community. ISSS assists students, scholars, researchers, and faculty members in maintaining their legal status while in the United States, serving as UCSC's official liaison to U.S. government agencies related to immigration matters. ISSS serves more than 1,000 international clients and their accompanying family members who come to the campus each year.

Global Programming

Global Programming designs and facilitates orientation programs, events, and activities, for international undergraduates, graduate students, and scholars to foster increased intercultural learning, to build community, and to support cultural adjustment. Global Programming supports the study abroad team by assisting with pre-departure orientations and re-entry programming for study abroad students, administers a mentorship program for first-year international students that serves as leadership development for the mentors, and offers international/intercultural events open to all, such as programming during International Education Week.

Global Initiatives

Global Initiatives manages and tracks UCSC's growing portfolio of international partnerships and works with UCSC faculty and academic departments as well as institutions abroad to identify potential partnerships and develop agreements that support student and faculty international mobility, research, and recruitment. Working across the division and with academic and support units throughout campus, Global Initiatives also facilitates implementation of a variety of new and special programs led by the division, and provides communications planning and data analysis in support these initiatives.

Support for Graduate Study and Research Abroad

Global Engagement also facilitates and provides advising on grant and scholarship awards for graduate study and research abroad. These programs include:

  • Fulbright: The Fulbright U.S. Student Program provides grants for U.S. graduating seniors and graduate students to complete research abroad.

  • Scholarships for Graduate Study: Global Engagement provides guidance, advising and manages the campus process for scholarship programs for graduate study abroad, including Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell and Gates Cambridge Scholarships.