• UC Santa Cruz Scholarships range from $250 to $10,000 per year. (The average award is about $1,500.) Funding comes from private donors, alumni, and the university. Entering UCSC students are considered for scholarships based on responses to scholarship questions on the UC Application for Undergraduate Admission. Your application essay will serve as your scholarship essay. Selected students are notified throughout the academic year. All continuing students are automatically considered for scholarships based on various factors including cumulative GPA.
  • Regents Scholarships are the most prestigious merit scholarships awarded to undergraduates. Freshman Regent Scholars receive a total of $20,000 paid over four years. New junior transfers and continuing students selected in the junior year receive the Regents Scholarship for a total of $10,000 paid over two years. The scholarship amount varies for continuing students based on the year in college and year appointed.
  • Other Scholarships: Some campus scholarships are restricted to students from particular geographic areas or family backgrounds, or are limited to students in particular majors, classes, or colleges. The donors have different reasons for giving, and their varied interests are reflected in the wide range of scholarships available. Merit and restricted scholarship awards range up to $5,000.