Earth SciencesEART 146 Groundwater

Explores saturated and unsaturated fluid flow below Earth's surface, well hydraulics, and recourse evaluation and development. Introduces modeling, field techniques, geochemistry, and contaminant transport and remediation. Problem set and laboratory each week; final paper. Laboratory: 3 hours. Students are billed a materials fee. Alternates annually with course 116.


Prerequisite(s): satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing and Composition requirements; and EART 5 or EART 10 or EART 20; and MATH 11A or MATH 19A or AM 15A; and PHYS 6A and PHYS 6L; and CHEM 1A, or by permission of the instructor. Enrollment is restricted to majors and minors in Earth sciences, the combined majors with anthropology, and environmental studies majors, and the environmental sciences major. EART 5L or EART 10L or EART 20L and PHYS 6B PHYS 6M are recommended as preparation.



Quarter offered



Andrew Fisher