PoliticsPOLI 190B Humanity, Sovereignty, and War

Examines how enmity, the state, and war serve as limits for political conceptions of who we are, tensions between commitments to diversity and to peace, and liberal and humanitarian efforts to address these tensions. Students examine works written prior to the liberal period (Hobbes), in response to it (Hegel and Schmitt) and finally a 20th-century liberal revival (Rawls), and discuss rights, conscience, political obligation, war, and the state.


Prerequisite(s): two of the following: POLI 103, POLI 105A, POLI 105B, POLI 105C, POLI 105D, POLI 107, POLI 109, or POLI 115. Enrollment restricted to senior politics and Latin American and Latino studies/politics combined majors.




Yasmeen Daifallah