Computer Science and EngineeringCSE 30 Programming Abstractions: Python

Introduction to software development in Python focusing on structuring software in terms of objects endowed with primitive operations. Introduces concepts and techniques via a sequence of concrete case studies. Coursework consists of programming assignments and a final examination. Note that CSE 30 assumes some Python experience, students trained in a different language should self-study Python to prepare for CSE 30. See CSE Testout Exam for resources and further information.


Prerequisite(s): CSE 20 or BME 160; and MATH 3 or MATH 11A or MATH 19A or AM 3 or AM 11A or ECON 11A, or a score of 400 or higher on the mathematics placement examination (MPE).



Quarter offered

Fall, Winter, Spring


Luca De Alfaro, Peter Alvaro, Delbert Bailey, Lindsey Kuper, Alex Pang, Larissa Munishikina, The Staff