Coastal Science and PolicyCSP 231B CSP Year 1 Capstone Planning & Design Winter

Picks up where the fall capstone planning seminar ended. Students continue designing capstone project for pursuing a scalable solution to a complex and pressing coastal sustainability problem. Winter focus is learning and applying strategies and methods to: (a) co-create a capstone project with a non-academic partner in the government, non-governmental or private sector; and (b) develop and submit successful funding proposals for the project. Methods learned apply broadly to collaborative, solutions-oriented work that may be pursued after graduation. Weekly assignments mean working outside of class on steps or skills for co-creating and fundraising with partners and then sharing work for peer-review in class in the next week. Expect to do the reading and weekly assignments before each week's seminar session. Instructor provides separate instructions for weekly assignments.


Enrollment restricted to Coastal Science and Policy M.S. students; and to Ph.D. students who have declared the Coastal Science and Policy Designated Emphasis by permission.



Quarter offered



Anne Kapuscinski