Latin American and Latino StudiesLALS 194F Digital Investigations and Human Rights Witnessing

Explores the emerging field of digital investigations and the concept of human rights witnessing. Within the context of the impact of social media and digital technologies, course explores how ethics, power, and social inequalities affect everyday life in the digital realm, including its use to share stories of injustice and the ways access to social media and other technology is a reflection of societal inequalities. In what ways has the digital divide become more evident due to the COVID-19 pandemic? And finally, in what ways does repeatedly viewing traumatic posts online affect our well-being?


Prerequisite(s): LALS 100, and LALS 100A, and previous or concurrent enrollment in LALS 100B. Enrollment is restricted to junior and senior Latin American and Latino studies majors and combined majors.



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Sylvanna Falcon

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Enrollment is restricted to junior and senior college members.